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MyBalloon Adventure Launches Daily Hot Air Balloon Flights

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The administrative capitol of Malaysia, Putrajaya, has a new attraction to add to its long list of things to do there. At and exclusive media launch recently, more than 12 passengers were given the opportunity to experience an unforgettable hot air balloon ride, organized by MyBalloon Adventure, the first and only commercial hot air balloon company in the country.

The location is above the beautiful grounds of Putrajaya and the mode of transport is the oldest successful human-carrying flight technology in the world – the hot air balloon. In 1723, the first manned hot air balloon flight was performed by Jean-François Pilâtre de Rozier and François Laurent d’Arlandes. Today, it is a common item on the bucket list of many.

The journey takes approximately 45-minutes or up to an-hour of flight time for a journey of a lifetime to most. Adhering to very strict guidelines, the pilots of MyBalloon Adventure radios the Department of Civil Aviation every single time a flight takes off.  “This ensures that the Department of Civil Aviation is aware of our presence in the sky. This is a must-do safety measure for us here at MyBalloon Adventure,” assures Captain Sobri.

As the balloons begin to ascend above the vast cityscapes of Putrajaya, the passengers are greeted with a beautiful sunrise with the bright orange sun beginning to peer over the horizon.

Nestled in large wicker baskets below huge balloon-shaped envelopes, the naturally air-conditioned 360-degree view seats beat any first-class cabin seats on board a plane.

As the ground below continues to get farther away, all the passengers can hear is the occasional sounds of the on-board gas cylinders which are used to heat the envelope and keep the balloon afloat. The mood is calming, the air is silent and the views stretch as far as the eye can see. In the distance, one can see the Twin Towers and not too far from there, the KL Tower.

For the many passengers on flight, the experience is a ‘first’. For the three pilots of MyBalloon Adventure, this is part of their daily routine and this is their ‘office in the sky’. With more than twenty years of ballooning experience and thousands of flying hours under their belts, passengers would be rest assured that they are in the good hands of the FAA-Certified hot air balloon pilots.

Weather permitting, MyBalloon Adventure operates daily. It is the only company in Malaysia to have received an Air Operating Certificate (AOC) from the Department of Civil Aviation and is the only active ballooning experience company in the country.

“Once you are up in the sky, the feeling is more therapeutic than ‘edge-of-your-seat’,” shares one of the passengers.

As the balloons glided and soared gracefully in the sky for at least forty-five minutes, the passengers took plenty of picture-perfect moments; taking in the stunning and breathtaking views from 500 feet in the sky.

Myballoon Adventure offers bespoke ballooning experiences starting from RM850 which includes a stunning, breathtaking 45-minute to 1 hour balloon flight conducted by their vastly-experienced FAA-certified hot air balloon pilots; light pre-flight refreshments; a delicious breakfast line-up post-flight and a completion certificate to top off the wonderful experience. For passengers looking to pop the question to a loved one up in the sky or raise a toast with colleagues in mid-air, MyBalloon Adventure can make it happen.

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