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Hot Air Balloon Rides in Malaysia

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As new hobby, sport and tourism attraction, Hot Air Balloon Rides in Malaysia is now one of the things you can do in Putrajaya and no, I am not talking about the yearly Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta but about the daily flights done here now. A new company called MyBalloon Adventure has launched their commercial hot air balloon rides in Putrajaya in 2016 and having experienced this first hand, I have to say that this is one incredible experience, especially if you have never flown on a hot air balloon.

This adventure is very much suitable for just about anyone, meaning young kids are able to go for this experience. In general, it is also a great tourism tool for any visitors to Malaysia, or even for those wanting to do a unique wedding proposal, honeymoon, birthday or anniversary present. Currently, you can only do this in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

Immediately after take off, this is the amazing view you get from the hot air balloon ride
Balloon over Balloon in Putrajaya – Here, you see the static tethered balloon below

Hot Air Balloon Ride in Putrajaya

Many pass judgement on the price of this ride trying to compare the Cappadocia Balloon rides, but speaking the the captain Mr Filip Audenaert, he told me that he has been flying all over the world and Putrajaya gives passengers an entirely different experience overall, including the pilot too.

The other hot air balloon rides take you through natural landscapes in the open country, but for the hot air balloon rides in Malaysia, you actually fly through a city, passing skyscrapers, rivers, condominiums and homes and this is a more difficult scenario compared to flying out in the open. So this has been a challenge to the pilots which are now accustomed to the route. 

In total, the entire process of this ride will take you about four to five hours, from the time you arrive and depart.

Balloon Captain Filip Audenaert explains the experience during our flight over Putrajaya

What is Included in the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Ride?

In your hot air balloon ride package, you will have a light breakfast before departing, drinks along the way, refreshments and some really cold towels when you land and to complete the journey, a full serviced buffet breakfast at the Cyberview Lodge in Purajaya.

After landing, you will be transported by a tour van from the landing spot to the buffet and back to your car. The tour does not include pick up from your hotel in Kuala Lumpur, but it could be arranged if you contacted the organisers before your flight. The standard practise is for guests to make their way to the hot air balloon departure area and park there as there are designated parking lots here.

Hot air balloon floats over Cyberjaya
After landing, refreshments, cold towels and a surprise awaits passengers

Malaysian Hot Air Balloon Experience

First: You make your booking through the website or simply contact MyBalloon Adventure for your desired date.

Second: Make your way to Precinct Two of Putrajaya, near the Millennium Tower, the open area where they usually have the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. There is a parking lot at the back area. You will be told to arrive here by 6.45 am, therefore it is advised to leave KL or PJ at about 5.45-6.00 am.

Third: A light gourmet breakfast is served while they set up the hot air balloon and you can walk around to check out how they inflate the balloon. This is then followed by a briefing done by the balloon pilot before you board the basket for your flight.

Fourth: Enjoy the ride as the balloon takes off and flies past the many interesting buildings and structures underneath you. One of the best views is the sun rising over Putrajaya from the back of you, so keep a look out for that. You can also wave to the people from the high rise condominiums as you pass by.

Fifth: Landing is usually done at an open field where you will be reminded to bend your knees. After a smooth landing, you exit the basket and will be asked if you would like to participate in assisting to pack the hot air balloon. Finally, a cold towel and cold refreshments are served before you get whisked away to your buffet breakfast at the Cyberview Lodge in Cyberjaya.

The team behind My Balloon Adventure
The Willy Hot Air Balloon flying over one the highways of Putrajaya

MyBalloon Adventure Contact
Phone: +(60) 12 365 0380
Price Per Person: RM 850.00 (about US$200.00)
Total Time Required: 4-5 hours, done by lunch time

Once again, a huge thank you goes to Atiqah and Izzati of Myballoon Adventure in making this unique experience possible for me to share with the world. I have flown in a various types of planes, helicopters and now, this is my first time flying in a hot air balloon. For the record, this flight experience was introduce in November 2015 and now in January 2016, the company is aggressively promoting this as one of the things to do for Visit Malaysia 2016.

For more Malaysia hot air balloon photos, please take a look at the Malaysia Asia Facebook Page as I have uploaded all the photos there, some with other information. You can also follow Malaysia Asia on Instagram for travel photographs and updates on my travels.

Silhouette shot of a hot air balloon against the sunrise in Putrajaya

For those reading this, the balloon ride is very safe and even kids can do this. Even disabled people can have the opportunity, just that you need to make special arrangements with Myballoon Adventure for this. Price wise, it may sound a little on the high side, but if you look at the overall value, I think this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that is worth every penny.

Additionally, for someone who wants to propose to his bride to be, this would be one of the ultimate experiences to do up in the air, and for those wanting to surprise someone for their birthday or anniversary as a present, this is a great opportunity to let them remember for life. Families can also have a group experience up in the air and all this is made possible by Myballoon Adventure, the pioneer company in Malaysia that offers these special rides. Now, hot air balloon rides in Malaysia are no longer a myth as anyone can do it here and not wait for the Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2016. 

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