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Exclusive Private Hot Air Balloon Package (ON SALE)

RM3750 or 935 USD per basket (2 person maximum)

Are you ready for your Magical Voyage?

Greet the stunning sunrise as you float majestically through the sky. Imagine the scenery below as the breath-taking vistas between nature and Kuala Lumpur metropolis with its picturesque landscape and modern cityscape unfolds before you.

A magical voyage of discovery over Malaysia’s celebrated highlights, experiencing first-hand what it’s like to soar in a graceful hot air balloon and gain an unforgettable bird’s eye view, just stone’s throw away from the city of Kuala Lumpur.

With the wind plotting your course, each magical flight is unique and one that you will surely remember for a lifetime.

Normal Price : RM4,000 per basket

Promotional Sale Price : RM3,750 per basket

(2 person maximum with 200kg total limit)

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  • Private Hot Air Balloon Flight for 2 person (Not sharing with other passengers)
  • Exclusive pre-flight breakfast for 2.
  • 30 mins to 45 minutes balloon flight.
  • Post flight Ceremony
  • Balloon Flight certificate 
  • In-flight Photo
  • Time lapse Video of your flight.
  • Insurance 

0640 AM : Meeting Point at the Launch Field Passengers to be greeted with an exclusive breakfast

0715 AM : Pilot to give a safety briefing to the passengers

0730 AM : Passengers to board the balloon on pilot’s instruction

0800 AM : Balloon lands and passengers are invited to lend a hand

0815 AM : Post Flight ceremony with Pilot

0845 AM : Pilot present Certificate for passengers

0900 AM : Send off to your car

*Hot air balloon ride is weather dependent, flight time might differ depending on weather conditions on the flight date.

  • Passengers are required to be ON-TIME, if the passengers are late and miss their flight, no refund is allowed.
  • Children below 4 feet below are not allowed go on the balloon ride for safety reasons
  • Passengers are advised to wear flat and covered shoes (sport shoes or loafers, NO HIGH HEELS), women passengers should also avoid dresses as you will need to climb in and out of the basket.
  • Check with your medical practitioner if you have a pre-existing medical condition that may be affected by the physical nature of hot air ballooning.
  • You agree to indemnify MyBalloon Adventure, its owners, officers and employees against any incident related to your health occurring during or after supply of the flight.
  • Any personal belongings such as cameras or video cameras or other such valuables are carried at the owner’s risk.

This  Terms & Conditions are only applicable for standard packages. For hotel packages we have Special Terms & Conditions.

Myballoon Adventure Official Video

Myballoon Adventure Timelapse Video

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